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Trainee Therapists

Our counseling staff consists of Marriage & Family Therapist Trainees and Professional Clinical Counseling Trainees who are working towards completing their degree required practicum and primarily provide therapeutic services. They are supervised by Dr. Avis Attaway, LMFT (34493), or Dr. Guy Balice (PSY 22638). 

The fee for a 50 minute session with a trainee therapists is $30

Annette Castillo

Marriage & Family Therapist Trainee

Are you tired of letting fear, anxiety, and insecurities intrude on your life? Do you feel sadness, grief, anger, or worry? Are you having challenges in your relationship, work, or other stressful situations? Something in your life may not be working for you, and you might be seeking to make a change. Together, we can find strategies that allow you to address the root cause of your difficulties and explore new ways of improving your well being. 


My goal as a Marriage and Family Therapist trainee is to take a collaborative approach in guiding people through their journey to finding inner peace, fulfillment, and joy. I feel it is essential to provide you with a safe space where you have the opportunity to understand yourself and what your needs are in order to reach your goals. Reaching out for help is the first and often the hardest step. Please feel free to contact me to set up a consultation.

Kenya Brown

Marriage & Family Therapist Trainee

Life has its way of knocking you down and taking a toll on you, but seeking therapy is the start of a new beginning. Therapy can help elevate your self-esteem, strengthen your relationships, and broaden your outlook on life.

Learning effective coping skills such as improved communication, interpersonal skills, better expression and management of emotions, the ability to change self-defeating behaviors, greater self-acceptance and self-esteem can help improve your mental health.

I have a passion for helping others, an open-minded approach, and the ability to relate to people from diverse backgrounds. I am a firm believer that everyone, regardless of race, gender, socio-economic status, etc., wants to be loved, accepted, and understood. I focus on providing a therapeutic environment where clients are enlightened, encouraged, edified, and empowered. I have experience working with adults, teens, and children in an outpatient, residential, and jail setting. I focus on behavioral modification, boundary setting, communication skills, interpersonal skills, self-esteem, anger management, parenting, PTSD, grief, and loss. Feel free to contact me when you are ready to take the journey to your healing, and I will accompany you along the way!

Marilee Mauldin

Professional Clinical Counseling Trainee

Sometimes life can weigh on us and we might not even realize how it affects our lives and relationships. We might feel like there is no one else who will understand or that can help to resolve these feelings. In therapy, just having an extra person to talk to can help relieve some of these feelings and help us to work through them rather than pushing them aside or feeling like we are just "stuck" there.

Thank you for seeking out a therapist. Just looking for some help shows that you are already one step closer to being free of those feelings. My goal in every session is to help you leave with more strength and confidence than you came in with. Together, by talking and exploring your thoughts and feelings, we can understand the point that those negative feelings may be coming from and deconstruct them.

I am passionate about working with all ages on topics such as school, work, home life, relationships, mental health struggles, and more. I have previously worked with children and teens in the school system and worked with all ages in my other occupations as well.

You have all of the power within you to get through what you are going through, but sometimes you just need a little help.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your journey. 

Alexandra McGee

Marriage & Family Therapist Trainee

Have you stopped feeling alive? Sometimes we go through periods (like this pandemic) that overwhelm our capacities. I use depth psychology and inner work so that my clients learn to ground themselves in their natural wisdom, strength, and ability to lead all the aspects of their psyche into an integrated, harmonious, and balanced self. Hablo Espanol con el raro acento de Espana. Soy aficionada de LatinX cultura.


While our goal is vast, each session will have slow and safe steps: using Psychodynamic  IFS, CRM, dreamwork, archetypal and transpersonal psychotherapy, I will listen and facilitate the exploration of your psyche. As you heal your inner child, soften your defenses, and be present, you will be able to engage with a chaotic world from a place of strength.


Call for a 15-minute phone consult. Couples and families are also welcome. The whole is greater (or different) than the sum of its parts. Inner healing of each person in a group of two or more brings healing to the whole system. I would like to be there for you in this process.

Pablo Ponce

Marriage & Family Therapist Trainee

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, grief, depression, substance abuse, family conflict, or issues impacting your life – I am here to help! As a Professional Clinical Counseling Trainee, I am dedicated to creating a safe and unbiased environment where each individual feels heard and respected. I am a firm believer in the power of therapy and the importance of a person’s willingness to seek aid in times of personal struggle.

My approach is tailored to the needs of each individual in order to establish a collaborative dynamic where clients are empowered to work through their hardships. Utilizing evidence-based practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy in conjunction with mindfulness techniques like meditation, my goal is to help clients gain insight and create meaningful change.


I look forward to connecting with you and being a part of your journey. 

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Devon Pytel

Marriage & Family Therapist Trainee

Sometimes, life’s challenges become heavy on our shoulders, and we need some support to help lighten the load. As a Marriage Family Therapist Trainee, my goal is to focus on an individual’s strength and to empower and apply your current skill set to help overcome life’s hurdles.

I believe therapy is a collaborative process in which the individual, couple, or family sets their goal, and I help guide them towards strategies to achieve it. I embrace individuals with an open, empathetic, supportive, and direct approach. 

Along with working with Life Source, I am an Outreach Counselor in several local schools where I work with adolescents, aged 12 to 18, on learning how to cope with symptoms of anxiety and depression. 


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call or email me.

Mercy Shiekh

Marriage & Family Therapist Trainee

Existen condiciones médicas, como las enfermedades crónicas y desafíos emocionales/psicológicos como la depresión, la ansiedad, el dolor crónico, las perdidas no resueltas que sumados a años de sentirse incomprendido hacen difícil que las personas puedan auto-cuidarse y pensar positivamente cuando han invertido tanto tiempo y energía en la supervivencia y el desamparo.

Las experiencias traumáticas, experimentadas de diferentes formas a lo largo de la vida, conducen a una desconexión de sí mismo, de los demás y de nuestro propósito personal superior. El trauma no resuelto moldea, influye y limita nuestra capacidad para alcanzar el potencial de nuestra vida y la evolución personal. Los procesos de curación que promueven la neuroplasticidad positiva (es decir, reconectar el cerebro en el contexto de un cambio saludable) y un retorno al funcionamiento neuronal saludable son fundamentales para permitir que las personas recuerden y regresen a su verdadero yo.

Los eventos de la vida aparentemente "normales" también son fuentes importantes de experiencias traumáticas, cuyas consecuencias incluyen creencias negativas sobre uno mismo, adicciones, problemas repetitivos en las relaciones, depresión y ansiedad. Algunos ejemplos de estos eventos conocidos pero dolorosos son enfermedades/ traumas médicos, años de diagnósticos incorrectos, divorcio, padres demasiado críticos, adopción, cirugías invasivas, acoso escolar y problemas durante la gestación o el parto. 

Si eres una persona que ha pasado o está pasando por alguna situación como las que he descrito anteriormente, te invito a realizar un trabajo terapéutico conmigo en el que puedas enfocarte en el poder de tu mente, potencializar tus habilidades, canalizar tus emociones y vivir de acuerdo con tus intenciones más profundas. 

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Robin London

Marriage & Family Therapist Trainee

Professional Clinical Counseling Trainee

No matter the person, we all have challenges in this life to varying degrees. It is my heart-felt desire to be there to walk alongside my clients as they use their strengths and resources to move beyond these troubling times. I believe it is through our darkest times that we may use our broken-places to begin a transformation process to move into living our most authentic life. I am calm, humble, honest, genuine, quiet, compassionate, and authentic. I offer a safe, non-blaming, non-judgmental space for my clients. I am dedicated to act as a listener, guide, teacher, supporter, and encourager as my clients find solutions, meaning, healing, and nourishment.


I have been described as comfortable, quiet, compassionate.


I bring many years of experience as a psychotherapist and educator to serve my clients. I have been practicing as an art therapist for over 12 years and educator for over 16. Through the years, I have worked with young children to elderly adults. I have worked with people suffering from severe difficulties to those wanting simply to improve themselves. I have experience working with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures.


Please feel free to reach out to me if you think my skills would be an asset to your mental health journey. I am available to CA residents via telehealth and have the flexibility of some days, evenings, and weekends.

Brandie Thurman

Clinical Psychologist in Training

Children are our future we must teach them on how to cope and provide them with the best resources. So we can be their number one cheerleader.


I have worked with adults with developmental disabilities. I have also worked with children as young as 5 years old all the way up to 21 year olds and their families. Most of my clients in the past have had a developmental disability and autism. I am extremely passionate about working with this age group and focusing on topics such as school, work, and home life. As well as helping the parents adapt. I am open to any other topics as well. 


My goal for counseling is to provide a safe and open space for my clients. I want them to come into session willing to discuss what lead them to therapy in the first place and be able to work on that reason. I will provide specific strategies that cater to the individual. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this brief introduction, I look forward to meeting with you and being your cheerleader.


Ashley Harrell

Marriage & Family Therapist Trainee

Professional Clinical Counselor Trainee

The demands that we encounter daily can seem burdensome and overwhelm us. In fact, managing  the responsibilities of life will eventually take its toll. So, what do you do? Well, by seeking counseling you  have already taken the first step. As your therapist, we will work together to address your concerns and formulate a plan of action. I believe in an eclectic, integrative approach in the therapies I employ during our sessions. However,  I favor the CBT, Narrative, and Solution-Focused models.

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