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About Us

Life Source Training Institute & Affordable Counseling is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, founded in 2008 by Dr. Avis Attaway, LMFT. Dr. Attaway began with a handful of therapists providing a non-profit low-cost alternative to insurance based treatment plans. She recognized two things: (1) the demand for more training opportunities in the mental health & counseling fields for local graduate students and (2) the need for more accessible and affordable counseling services in the Riverside community and surrounding areas. Dr. Attaway now serves as Chief Clinical Director and oversees the supervision and treatment planning of all of our therapists in conjunction with our Clinical Supervisor, Dr. Guy Balice. 

Eleven years later, in 2019, Austin Attaway, M.A. ABD took over as President of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. He has built upon Dr. Attaway's original vision by expanding the clinic's capacity to include teletherapy services and by expanding the number of staff fourfold. This has allowed us to provide services to those across all of California, not just in Southern California. Through new strategic partnerships, we have also established lower cost pricing and expanded psycho-education for Trainee and Associate therapists both at Life Source and externally.

At our practicum site, we provide valuable opportunities for M.A. and Psy.D. graduate students with hands-on counseling experience and individualized feedback and training. We believe in offering affordable and accessible counseling services to our community, while at the same time providing meaningful learning experiences for our students. Many of our former students have continued to work with us as Associate therapists. They continue to build and maintain their own private practices while finishing up their licensure requirements.

Books and Branch

At Life Source, we prioritize a client-centered approach to treatment. We believe that this is essential for addressing patterns of behavior in individuals, couples, and families, and ensuring long-term benefits for our clients. Our standards of treatment reflect this approach, and are designed to help our clients achieve their goals by tailoring therapy to their unique needs and circumstances. We do everything we can to work with clients around payment to avoid the limitations imposed by insurance providers. We do our best to focus on providing the highest quality care to our clients by limiting their barriers to our services and maximizing their continuity of care. By utilizing a client-centered approach, we aim to provide the most effective and meaningful therapy possible.

We are proud to fight for more equitable access to mental health care services, and look forward to continuing to partner with innovative organizations and individuals to make this a reality.

Meet Our Staff

Our staff of trainee therapists are currently finishing up their respective degrees. Our associate therapists have completed their programs and are now working towards licensure. Both of our clinical supervisors oversee both our trainee and associate therapists and each of their cases.

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