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Clinical Supervisors

Meet our Supervisors

Avis Attaway, PsyD, MS 

LMFT 34493

Founder & Director of Life Source Training Institute

Dr. Avis Attaway is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist (LMFT 34493) with a thriving private practice here in Riverside since 1997.  In 2008, she founded Life Source Training Institute, Inc. with the mission of serving the community with affordable high quality counseling while providing student therapists an opportunity to fulfill their practice requirements as defined by California regulations.


As the Executive and Clinical Director, Dr. Attaway works closely with all of the therapist Trainees and Associates that she supervises at Life Source Affordable Counseling to assure that you are receiving the highest quality of care and to insure that the community has access to optimal mental healthcare. 


Dr. Attaway has committed her professional life to helping individuals move past pain and overcome obstacles so that they discover the possibilities of a life well-lived. Her vision is to see Life Source continue to grow as a presence in this community and beyond.

Guy Balice, Ph.D.

PSY 22638

Clinical Psychologist & Supervisor



I am a graduate of the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA (1997), where I earned a Master's and PhD in counseling psychology. Since my days as a graduate student, I have taught in a number of graduate psychology programs, mainly in my specialty areas of advanced and multivariate statistics and research methods.


Currently, I am an associate professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and teach in the Clinical PsyD Program. I do research related to various aspects of domestic violence, and am particularly interested in studying predictors and recovery of intimate partner violence.


I am a licensed psychologist (PSY 22638), where I supervise interns in psychology and marriage and family therapy. I also supervise pre-licensed doctoral-level psychological assistants, Dr. Perez and Anushree Belur, M.A.

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